A thank you to the lovely artists who allowed me to commission them to draw my wonderful controversial babies, I love them so much until the earth gets burnt into dust by the sun.

dear god i love them so much all i do is cry when i look at my darling babies please refresh this page at work to stay sane future me
I will love you 'til the end of time
I would wait a million years
Promise you'll remember that you're mine
I will roam the earth And I'll conquer the stars
If you have one thousand reasons to stay Then I'll be one million lightyears away
"For one moment – one terrifyingly crystal clear moment – Morty saw what they were: two depraved people who never ever should have met. Because becoming this, becoming his, was inevitable. There was no version of this where she didn’t cling to his coat tails as he tripped through worlds, didn’t debase herself to watch those eyes spark, didn’t twist his scraps of affection into something close enough to love that she could never turn it away."   
That one chapter in the Rick bar.
Thank fucking god he’d had his heart replaced or he was sure he’d be in cardiac arrest. Almost on instinct, he double checked that he hadn’t accidentally set of the trigger that would stop his heart but the dull pulse of tightness in his chest was all his own.   
"please drink water and take your vitamins!" begin the madness again